Saturday, October 16, 2010


This is my 3rd sem UITM Perak. I already stuck here for almost one and a half year :( I have to do this just because of my parents' AMBITION. Luckily i met with some of the COOLEST buddies here. My best Best BEST girl is NOOR ADILA. People called her GEE. She is one of my classmates. 

These are some of my coolest buddies i have here. From left Nadhilah or people called her HAJAH,Izzati, Iqa,Nad or people called her SERGEANT, me, my best friend GEE, and nysa. SORRY YANIE. where were u? :D

These are some of super duper guys in my class.  

These are the most annoyed people in UITM PERAK. hahahaha. For this sem, i hope all of us will repeat it again (DEAN'S LISTS). INSYALLAH (Maher Zain song) :D

This is my SOULMATE in UITM PERAK. :) Her name is Zaharatul Nadzirah. You can call her NAD. :)

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